Grass Fed Highland Beef For Sale

Happy Tails Ranch

Cattle Company

We are Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Quilcene WA

Ranch Practices

Our cattle are grass fed (no grain ever) and pasture raised with care and respect. We practice rotational grazing for the health of our pastures and animals. No added hormones are ever used. 

Our slaughter's are always carried out on site to prevent stress to the animals. 

Harvest Information:

We have up to 5 halves for sale each harvest. Our next harvest will be in July or August 2018.

Beef Costs:
Our Beef is sold by the half (or sometimes by the quarter if we can line up 2 buyers to split a half) at hanging weight. Each half weighs approx. 320-400 lbs. Cost is $3.50 lb. (buyer pays to us at time of harvest). There is also a $.70 lb. butchering cost the buyer pays to the butcher shop if buyer has us send meat off to the butcher for cutting and wrapping.

About our Meat

Scottish Highland Beef is known to be leaner than most other beef because the cattle are insulated by their thick shaggy coats rather than subcutaneous fat. They are lower in cholesterol, and with excellent flavor. Highland beef is known to be tender and of high quality.

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Happy Tails Ranch

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