Our Ranch

Building our Ranch

We purchased our Land in Quilcene in 2002. It consists of 32 acres of pasture and 8 acres of trees. Over the years we developed our property with environmental stewardship in mind every step of the way. Starting with a formal farm plan with the help of Jefferson County Conservation District. Along with the Knowledge learned in the past from King Conservation district and Horses for Clean Water we dove in and got started.

While living in North Bend WA  In 2004 we purchased our first 3 Scottish Highland Cattle. In 2006 we purchased our first bull and in 2007 started selling meat to our friends and neighbors. The meat sales has now expanded into a small business. 

We also have 3 wonderful Quarter Horses

Our horses are a big part of our family Ranch.

In the summers we would load up the horses, dogs and cat and move here to work on the next project in the cue. The cattle stayed at our North Bend WA farm until we made the final move over here. Thanks to our dear friend Donna and her grandchildren who took care of the cattle while we were away.

The Adventure in getting here

Every year we picked a project. Building a cabin, barns, an agriculture building, fences, an arena, drilling a well, bringing in power, and the list goes on. In 2012 I was able to retire and we moved on to our land permanently bringing our cattle, 2 Labrador Retrievers, 3 quarter horses and our cat. While living in our one room cabin for a year and a half we built our home. 

Our pastures are now fenced and cross fenced for rotational grazing and haying in the summer. Our ponds are fenced out of the pastures but open to wildlife to keep any pasture runoff going into the nearby streams clean. The manure in barns and sacrifice areas is picked daily and composted for spreading into the garden and pasture areas.